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Karate Gloves WKF Approved

Karate Gloves WKF Approved

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Karate Gloves World Karate Federation Approved

Product Description

Elevate your martial arts experience with the SMAI WKF Gloves, internationally recognized and built to meet rigorous World Karate Federation standards.

Our Karate gloves are sanctioned for use in global WKF events, reflecting the pinnacle of quality and safety, and have undergone independent testing to comply with European safety standards. Available in Red and Blue, they ensure maximum protection and are essential for serious karate practitioners aiming for competition success.

Key Features:

    • WKF Certified: Suitable for official competitions.
    • Impact Protection: Built to absorb shocks effectively.
    • Lightweight Design: Ensures quick and agile movements.
    • Secure Fit: Features a hook and loop closure system.
    • Standard Compliant: Meets WKF equipment regulations.
    • Wide Size Range: Available from XS to XL to ensure a perfect fit for all hand sizes.


      • Certified for continental tournaments and WKF events
      • WKF Approved Karate Gloves
      • Shock absorbent for impact protection
      • Lightweight for agility and speed
      • Hook and loop closure for a secure fit
      • WKF approved to exceed federation standards
      • Tested by an independent Body to European directive EN 13277-1 and EN 13277-7 to Cat II PPE to ensure safety in all aspects of protection.
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