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Karate Shin Instep Guard WKF Approved

Karate Shin Instep Guard WKF Approved

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Karate Shin Instep Guard WKF Approved

Product Description

Optimize your karate performance with the SMAI WKF Shin Instep, crafted to meet World Karate Federation standards for competition use.

This WKF-approved gear provides comprehensive protection, featuring shock-absorbent materials perfect for dynamic movements in karate. With coverage extending to the shins, insteps, toes, and heels, and enhanced with a removable instep connected by a discreet Velcro tab, it ensures full safety compliance with European directives EN 13277-1 and EN 13277-7, Category II PPE. Ideal for both continental tournaments and international events, this shin instep offers unmatched protection and quality.

Key Features:

  • WKF Certified: Approved for global competition use.
  • Impact Absorption: Engineered to mitigate impacts during both offensive and defensive moves.
  • Full Coverage: Provides robust protection for shins, insteps, toes, and heels.
  • Removable Design: Equipped with a hidden hook and loop closure for easy removal and secure fit.
  • High Standards: Meets and exceeds World Karate Federation safety standards.


    • Certified for use in continental tournaments and WKF events
    • Karate Shin Instep Guard - WKF Approved
    • Shock Absorbent: Designed to absorb impacts effectively
    • Complete Protection: Covers shins, insteps, toes, and heels
    • Quick and Easy Removable Instep: Features a hidden hook and loop closure
    • WKF Approval: Meets and surpasses World Karate Federation standards

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