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WKF Approved Female Body Guard SMAI

WKF Approved Female Body Guard SMAI

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WKF Approved Female Body Guard SMAI

Product Description

Experience tailored protection with the SMAI WKF Approved Female Body Guard, uniquely designed for women participating in Kumite and other martial arts. Featuring a comfortable lycra chest piece above a protective guard that sits just below the bust, it allows for optional additional breast guard layers. This lightweight, impact-absorbing guard meets WKF standards and CE safety certifications, ensuring top-level security without compromising mobility. Perfectly compatible with WKF competitions worldwide, it's the favored choice for female Olympic karate athletes, designed to be worn discreetly under the uniform.

Key Features

    • WKF Approved: Certified for use in all World Karate Federation sanctioned events.
    • Material Quality: Crafted from injection moulded foam with a breathable mesh lining, polycotton fabric, Lycra backing, and Velcro closure.
    • Under Uniform Design: Engineered to be worn discreetly under the karate uniform.
    • Specialised Fit for Women: Tailored to prioritize bust measurement for optimal fit.
    • Size Options: Available in sizes XS to XL, accommodating under bust measurements from 70 to 110 cm and heights from below 130 cm to over 190 cm.
    • Chestguard is tested and approved to CE standards EN 13277/1:2000, EN 13277/3:2014 & EU 2016/425
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