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WKF Approved Kids Chest Guard - Karate

WKF Approved Kids Chest Guard - Karate

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WKF Approved Kids Chest Guard - Karate

Product Description

Elevate your young karate athlete's safety with the SMAI Karate Kids Chest Guard. This WKF-approved guard is crafted from heavy-duty yet lightweight, multi-layered EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate) foam, ensuring top-notch protection without restricting movement.

Its 4cm thick padding absorbs impact efficiently, making it a preferred choice despite not being mandatory for competitions. The guard is finished in durable PU (Polyurethane) with a secure Velcro closure, available in small and medium sizes, ideal for training and competition.

Key Features

  • WKF Approved: Certified for use in all World Karate Federation events.
  • Heavy-Duty Material: Crafted from multi-layered EVA foam for superior protection.
  • Durable Finish: Coated in PU for additional durability.
  • Secure Fit: Velcro closure ensures the guard stays in place.
  • Thick Padding: 4cm thick EVA foam to absorb impacts efficiently.
  • Size Options: Available in small and medium sizes.
  • Unhindered Movement: Designed not to restrict the natural movement of young athletes.
  • Safety Focus: Offers comprehensive torso protection despite not being mandatory for competition use.


  • WKF Certification: Fully approved for use in all World Karate Federation sanctioned events, meeting the highest standards of quality.
  • Material: Constructed from heavy-duty, multi-layered EVA foam, finished in PU for durability, with a Velcro closure for a secure fit.
  • Padding: Features 4cm thick EVA foam for optimal impact absorption.
  • Sizes Available: Comes in small and medium to accommodate different age groups and sizes.
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